lyrics YUKKY,music DeDe
A lie is sadness necessary.

Order to live (I thought so.)in this world.
(this Gaia)
A false beautiful dress.神羽織う
Order to live.(For a love.)Walking the ground.
(But however)
It let me know. 軌跡に闇を刻むThe footprint talked.
Go to hell!!
fack off Bitch!!
Evil spirits laugh.

Shaking the body trembling.
turn back a dreaming road.
It is not easy.
偽りの姿Seems to be The ugly beast.
Dancing in the sky as Venus.

Increasing the fellow.And、
I have to sacrifice to survive.
A crazy duck of darkness world .
killing yourself without knowing.

Life is a battle.
he people fight and become strong.
Clean heart will be able to defeat the shark.
Return to the sea!!

Order to live (I thought so.) in this world.
(darkness storm.)A false beautiful scale.髪で裂く
Order to live.(For a love.)Walking the sea!

(身を寄せFight together.Warriors of false.)
怒り偽りが舞うin this world.
まだ見えぬDying without knowing the truth.
A waste of life.
Don`t be afraid.聞こえるか世の叫びが。
(Live to the limit) of power!
Live purely!
Live honestly!
God said.