lyrics&music KUZE
Doom and gloom
will you rescue me from me
Dawn to dusk

I feel blue
Don't They commit suicide
I'm lonely just falling
Will you take me away to sky

I want to leave
I want to leave from thousand harm
My eyes was blind with vacant smile
hatred in my heart
How long will it be
To let me free

I feel you
Somehow you always be in my mind
You are freezing betraying
I'll show you how brilliant world we live

I want to relieve
I want to relieve your thousand harm
I take your hand and make you smile
Blank page will refilled
Believe in me
you live in me

Our life, it is empty
Our life, unsurec
Our life is uncertain sometimes
Becalm your wound
Become your sound
call me
I won't let you down

Our life, it isn't easy
Our life, not pure
Our life, unaided
we fail and discourage sometimes
We try so hard
We try so laugh for live

-snow melts in spring and sun rise now-

I want to live with thousand harm
I play for you
I pray for live