yAntifake No.9z
lyrics DeDe,music KUZE
All right for you! Canft help Alicia
I wanna kill you and to look for freedom
I fuck on FRIDAY!! Yeah,No.9

All right for you! Canft take Alicia
I wanna feel you and losing people
I fuck on FRIDAY!! Yeah,
silencecviolencec fuckfn mother bitch you

uWherefs the beef?v Say with a laugh
If you donft mind me saying so,
I living for your falling down

Just 4th day
The boy draws A sky to the grey with his spilling paints
In your shadow, glasses show your truth
uIc? no! no!v

Squall was falling
Maybe I love that falling dark
Itfs me? Really? Please speak for early
Let me stay. There is no placecwhyc?

Lonelyc the low stairs
My falling love is crying fake

Lonely night is falling night, is falling love, is LIEc